Achieving what you want to achieve in business is never
    “just business.” Everywhere and always, business
    is personal too. Forge more authentic, more personal
    connections with NetPlus Connections.

  • Those days don't have to be gone.

    Remember when the world seemed big &
    every day brimmed with opportunity?

    We’re born wired to live abundant lives. So why then
    do most sales and management models cultivate scarcity
    and premature choices? You’ll achieve more, faster when
    you’re open to opportunity and willing to help others
    along the way. Learn how with NetPlus Connections.

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What We Do
    NetPlus Rainmaker and NetPlus Business Catalyst groups are proven, transformational business and personal development experiences. And the best networking most participants have ever experienced.
    We accelerate the growth of sales and management teams. Implement proven referral, consultative selling, and relationship systems, all while improving teamwork and having fun.
    Need a dynamic speaker to inspire your team or entertain your next professional event? We're available to help with talks about authentic connections, communication, and more…

Make Better Connections

Our proven process develops authenticity fast

How effective are you and your team at building authentic connections when you’re out networking, meeting a prospect for the first time, or even engaging your coworkers and direct reports? This much is certain: if you’re networking in the old-fashioned, out of date “collect-business-cards” style, and if what passes for rapport is knowing your connections’ handicap or favorite beer, then you’re wasting most of the time you spend at networking events and in meetings.

The secret to more effective business relationships? A comprehensive strategy for creating more authentic relationships more quickly. And the skills to engage your existing connections in ways that create more value for them and for you.

Everyone says they care, but almost no one shows it. When you prove you care, you earn other’s trust, fast. Often the most efficient way to accomplish what you’re trying to accomplish is to help other people accomplish what they’re trying to accomplish. Especially when how you help isn’t immediately self-serving.

That only works if you have a system for staying engaged. The people you know, like and trust and who know, like and trust you will help you. But they can only help you if they know what you need today and how they can help. Stop wasting time and energy in futile networking events and meetings and start being more purposeful instead.


  • 1
    What you say when you say what you do must be memorable to open the door to connection.
  • 2
    Connect with the person, not the job title, using effective techniques anyone can master.
  • 3
    Everyone says they care; almost no one proves it. Succeed faster by helping other succeed.
  • 4
    Your network won't help you unless you ask for what you need in ways that empower them.

Connections can revitalize your business… and life.

Connect better today with NetPlus

Achieving what you want to achieve in business is never “just business.” Everywhere and always, business is personal too. We sell to people, buy from people, hire and fire people.

NetPlus Connections is in the business of empowering individuals and companies to develop more effective, more authentically personal business connections. We help our clients implement proven systems for building more authentic connections more quickly and achieving more business value from the connections you already have through an innovative group-based business development platform and more traditional corporate training engagements.

When our professional relationships become more authentic, more personal, we often can accomplish more, working less, while having a lot more fun along the way. All while making ourselves, and the people we touch, a little more human.

Avg. Connections
Between you & anyone you want to meet
7 in 8
Number of customers willing to refer
2 in 8
Number of customers who ever refer
Require Intro
Service users who only buy on referral

Be Worth More Than You Cost

The “NetPlus” in “NetPlus Connections” speaks to our belief that the most effective relationships are those where we are worth more than we cost someone else in time, energy and aggravation, and where others are worth more than they cost us.

It’s easy to convince ourselves that, while other people we know aren’t worth more than they cost, we are the exception. And you may be worth more than you cost… economically. But the true test of whether you’re truly worth more than you cost is how many people keep calling you even after they’ve stopped doing business with you. Are you worth more than you cost in ways that create authentic personal connections, or just transient professional ones?

NetPlus Connections’ connections-building systems help you do that step-by-step. And they’re backed by a deep understanding of the elements of character and behavior that create lasting value.

Habit is Destiny

Change behavior, get results

We’re in the results business, not the training business. No training program, no matter how enlightening or entertaining matters if the ideas don’t become actions and those actions don’t become habits. For the vast majority of what we do, day in and day out, is largely determined by the habits we've formed.

To that end, every NetPlus Connections group and program is designed to get results. We don’t just impart new ways of thinking; we show you or your team what to do, how to do it, and why it works. Then we challenge you to try it and facilitate feedback that reveals best practices.

Every NetPlus Connections program is designed with insights gleaned from the latest breakthroughs in the psychology and neuroscience of behavior change. Given a) small, attainable challenges that b) incorporate tangible feedback, c) with the support of facilitators and teammates, individuals can overcome resistance that holds them back and unlock the secret to transformational change.



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