• A springboard for your career…
    and life.

    NetPlus Rainmaker is a catalyst that will energize your career and
    accelerate you to to where you want to go. You’ll learn how
    to make the most of the connections you have, meet the people
    you need to meet, all in an environment that participant after
    participant describes as the most fun part of their week.



    Achieving what you want to achieve in business is never
    “just business.” Everywhere and always, business
    is personal too. Forge more authentic, more personal
    connections with NetPlus Connections.

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The best networking of your life.

If you’re networking the way most people do—passing out as many business cards as you can, trying to be as charming as you can, repeating the same spiel you’ve used with middling results for the past ten years—it’s like you’re going fishing without a pole or bait. And let's face it: networking groups aren't much better and very often they're worse, populated largely by “professionals” who can’t feed themselves, let alone you.

What makes NetPlus Rainmaker such a remarkable connections-building experience? Paradoxically, this: it’s not a networking group. There's no icky, “give”-to-“gain” quid pro quo. There’s a singular focus: for you to develop the tools you need to work with the customers you already have and the people you already know, like, and trust to accelerate your sales. This singular focus attracts only the very best people, those who can take what they learn and turn an immediate profit.

But, since you’re meeting these professionals—hand-picked to align with what you want to accomplish—in a safe, fun environment where you get to know each other NATURALLY and work to implement the same proven process in your careers, it turns into what participant after participant report is the best networking they've EVER experienced. So what are you waiting for? It’s just $9.95 to get started. Register today.

Proven Referral Program

Get the referrals you’ve already earned…

Without using the word “referral.”

The verdict is in and the research is OVERWHELMING: you’re not receiving even a fraction of the referrals that you’ve already earned. Every day you don’t begin asking for referrals at the right time and in the right way, using exactly the right words, you’re flushing sale after sale down the drain.

When you learn and implement the proven, step-by-step system we’ll show you in NetPlus Rainmaker, we’re confident you will start you receiving more of the referrals you’ve already earned from the customers you already have within the first few days, all without ever having to use the word “referral.” In fact, if your experience is anything like ours, many of your clients won’t even recognize you’re asking for a referral… even if you warn them in advance that you’re about to.

Think how much money you’ve lost through the years (and are continuing to miss out on every day you don’t implement this program.) And imagine how quickly you’ll turn a profit on your Rainmake investment with just a handful of referrals. Just consider the results of one graduate, who despite already having a thriving law practice reported that by implementing just one tweak from NetPlus Rainmaker resulted in a 5000% ROI in just the first few months… and he expects that this number may DOUBLE or even TRIPLE soon. You can’t get the sales you’ve lost before back, but you can make sure that you don’t lose any more. It costs just $9.95 to get started. Join today

More Revenue
From referral prospects than others
7 in 8
Number of customers willing to refer
1 in 8
Sales people who ask for referrals
More Loyalty
Referred customers remain loyal longer.

Master the Art of Authentic Connection

Form better connections, faster.

Every business is a people business. Whether you’re “working the room” at a networking event, mingling in the community, chatting with a new prospect, or closing another deal with a long-time customer, your success or failure often hinges on your ability to form, mature, and maintain deep, authentic, productive connections more quickly than your competitors. Because this much is certain: if your relationship is largely a function of your price, customer service, product, or the quality of your barside chit chat—if it’s “just business” most of the time with you—even your best customers are just one phone call away from deserting you. Until you master the art of authentic connections—the kind that extend beyond what you do and what they need to who you are—your business will be vulnerable to anyone and everyone who’s just a little better, faster, cheaper or more charming than you.

How well do you know your customers, your connections, even your friends and family? If I were to ask you what they need today, this minute, could you tell me? Could they tell me what you need right now, or even tell me to any close approximation what it is you actually do day in and day out to make money? The system you’ll implement in NetPlus Rainmaker will take you step-by-proven-step through the process of connecting with anyone, whether they’re someone you already know or you’re just meeting them for the first time, so you connect authentically in precisely the manner you need to so they become your ally in accomplishing whatever it is you need to accomplish today… and well into the future. Why continue to squander the relationships in your life? It’s just $9.95 to start today.

Sell More Efficiently

Get more from every minute you spend

on the phone, with customers, and in the


We live in a world where time is money and becoming more valuable and scarce with every day. Think of NetPlus Rainmaker as an EZPass for networking, selling, and whatever else it is you do to accomplish what you’re trying to accomplish. Accelerate your sales and exponentially grow your network in just eight weeks with NetPlus Rainmaker. Leave your competitors behind while they continue to be stuck at toll booth after frustrating toll booth wasting time and money with old, outdated sales methods and networking customs.

Join today (it’s just $9.95 to get started). We believe you’ll soon agree with the many NetPlus graduates who say they’d never go back to the old way of doing business. They’re accomplishing so much more in much less time and having a lot more fun than they ever thought possible the NetPlus way. Their only regret? Not starting sooner.

Experience the Joy

Learn how to have more fun, with less stress,

while accomplishing more with NetPlus.

In group after group, the reaction of participants—especially those who were most skeptical about joining initially—is that their NetPlus Rainmaker meeting is the most fun part of their week and the most fun they’ve had while working in years, if not their entire career. NetPlus Rainmaker offers a path that makes work feel less like work and will help you rediscover what gives you joy. You’ll learn, maybe for the first time, how to make business more personal and in the process, a lot more fun.

We spend the majority of our waking hours the majority of our lives working. The least we can ask is that we spend the best portion of our lives in ways that create more joy and meaning. Because when all is said and done, we’ll measure our lives not in dollars and cents, but in the lives we’ve touched along the way. You owe it to yourself to join NetPlus Rainmaker (it’s just $9.95 to start) so you can start making your days cost you less and count for more. So go on: get started today.